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Fear the absence of progress . . .

So, where did we get to. . .

Parts were in and we have loosely positioned the main parts.  It was time for some evenings with the welder!

Initially, there was a lot of offering up, trial positioning and re-positioning.

 Following this experience and messing around with an arrangement of string and hooked magnets (don't ask, seemed like a good idea at the time), I rapidly came to realised I need to create some proper jigs to hold the frame portions for welding next time around!!

"This first photo is one of my favourite to date."

I spent a whole evening tacking parts in place, tweaking, tacking again until I was happy with the positioning of everything.  The welds are ugly and at this stage, seeing it in the metal I am already having thoughts along the lines of what will need to change for round two but I love the form and flow of this frame.

My aim with this chair was to create something with a modern feel but with organic lines.  

To give you a brief glimpse into the mind of me . . 

The support pieces at the back and for the seat ring are meant to look like they and growing out of the back bone of the chair like branches from a tree. Anyway, I'm happy with it so far.  Generally.

"At this point, you need to understand that I'm my own worst critic!  I beat myself up, but for the greater good. . . "

Previously I worked for a design consultancy where people would submit their own ideas to then get some assistance making their products a reality.  

Now, some good ideas came through that business and we did the best we could to carry them forward.  However, there were one or two ideas every now and then that people would bring to the table that they considered to be the very best thing since sliced bread.  So much so that they were willing to poor all the money and man hours available into it because it. . .

Now I cannot for one second knock their enthusiasm or drive.  I can't but!  Not my place.  That said, myself or my colleagues didn't necessarily share their opinion/view on the idea.

Having worked in that environment I never wanted to become that person.  Throughout this whole process, I need to keep it real.  Yes this is my dream, yes I want the furniture to look and feel a particular way but it has to work.  People need to like it enough to want to walk over and take a closer look, touch it, try it out and if I'm really lucky, invest in it by becoming a customer of nrdf design.

So, that said . . .my constructive criticism so far on the frame is as follows.

As I suspected, having the main supports only up the center of the chair allowed the chair to twist under load.  I knew this might be the case but I needed to start somewhere.  As it stands though, if the structure was pushed too far it could result in a failure of the rear support.  Can't have that.  This furniture needs to be belt and braces and needs to last.

I did include plates into the design to be welded in on the base ring either side of the rear support but I think more drastic changes are required.

The additional plates can be seen at the bottom of the photo.(Right)

I had also planned to have the seat ring angled down and then fit a bowl like wooden seat into it.  Again following the construction of the first frame and trial bum on seat test, this needs changing. . . 

Finally, as well as looking at improving the structure of the frame and the angle the seat ring, I need to have a good think about having three of four semi concealed feet to aid the chair when sitting on uneven ground.

So, my plan from this point?  More sketching and and CAD time on know issues or potential problems.  Beyond that, ultimately now  I also need to start turning my attention to the seat back and something comfortable to sit on and get thinking about some of the finer details as well.

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