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Real knowledge is to know the extent of ones ignorance. . .

So we've got our first frame together and there are already things I would like to change. . . It looked like the pictures but need some attention in the structure department.  I needed to avoid ignorance and get some reflection time in.

I thought at this point as well as keeping my concentration on the chair frame I really needed to get a better overall view of what I wanted to achieve as a whole for a table and chair set.  I already knew what sort of target I had in mind as far as ROM costs and end user but to progress I needed a clearer overview.

In my search for the best way to go about this I found the furniture makers - http://www.furnituremakers.org.uk/

After further reading and a look through the events page I deiced to take a days holiday and travel to London to Furniture Maker Hall and immures myself around potentially similarly the minded.  Listening to people who are already a long way down the track that I'm only just setting my sites on.  Understand what their considerations and challenges were.

It was a great day.  The guest speakers were great, I came away with a lot to think about and plenty to ponder.  That said, I did discover an unexpected element of snobbery talking to some of the other audience members along the lines of. . .

"Oh, you're a Product Designer doing furniture design and making it yourself!?!? Really!?"

Not a traditional cabinet makers!?!? . . hmmm not sure about you matey. . . 

AT this time, one expression came to mind.  

"Accept no one's definition of your life.  Define yourself."

Their attitude is just another reason to take a large stride in the direction of my own ambitions.

Bacon sarnies and big ideas . .

A great friend of mine put me up for my time in London and I spent the following day walking around with him in and out of shops and markets looking for bites of inspiration and a substantial amount of time was spent sat around a cafe table in Maltby Street Market.  Bacon sarnies, coffee, rallying of ideas and much sketching ensued.

I have great memories of that day!  Cheers Matt!

This friend is someone I have a great deal of respect for, a creative chap and very driven.  We share similar interests and he has a vast knowledge of fabrics and more specifically, catering for customers who demand a niche attitude in your approach. 

My vision for these designs is for them to look clean from afar, nice simple lines but enough originally to promote intriegue.  The closer you get, the more detail you see.  The quality of the end product needs to be second to none to satisfy my own OCD dependencies more than anything else.

The brand I want to build upon is, if the knowledge that if you buy an nrdf product you get nothing but long last quality.

Along with this, I want have a tiered product.  You can by the base product.  Fine.  But then have more options to build onto it in terms of more exotic materials and finishes right up to a fully bespoke service.

By doing this I can hopefully continue to push the boundaries in terms for what I can source and offer in the future.

I came off the back of that weekend knowing exactly what improvements I was going to make to the chair frame.  I knew exactly how I was constructing it to allow different fabrics to be used for the seat pad and different materials and finishes to be used for the other components.

Even to the degree of end packaging and presentation.

So yet more CAD time was to follow . . . 

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