• NickRDFowke

Midnight oil

So the kids are in bed and my wife is on a night shift . . .

Do I do the washing up and then veg on the sofa or get busy?

Busy it is. So after getting to the stage of piecing together the first prototype chair frame a few things became clear, the whole thing needed more support and it needed filling out. So I had a play around with the additional support which also helped balance of the design a bit more, I also progressed some thoughts that I had had whilst in London on my inspirational mission.

So, I have progressed the method of securing the seat base and the support for the seat base as well as evolving the seat back.

It's coming along. Time to save up some more pennies for a new order with the metalworkers. . .

Stay tuned!

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Chippenham, Wiltshire, SN15

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